An Alpine Symphony

An Alpine Symphony in Images

Richard Strauss
An Alpine Symphony op. 64

Inspired by the stunning panorama of the Bavarian Alps, Richard Strauss’ Alpine Symphony is a powerful tone poem, one that seems to emerge directly from nature herself. Over a period of three years Tobias Melle wandered the mountain ranges around Berchtesgaden, carrying a tent and a camera.
He managed to capture the atmosphere of the original 22 scenes of the original Alpine tour made by the composer. Not only has Melle managed to incorporate the dignity and depth of the score, he also allows the viewer – and the listener indeed – to catch a glimpse of the inner life of Strauss’ music.

“His treatment of the music, in visual terms, actually adds to a better appreciation of the score … Strauss would have enthusiastically embraced Melle’s treatment ” (Record Review)

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