The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons in Images

Antonio Vivaldi
The Four Seasons op. 8 No. 1-4

Vivaldi reinvented: Tobias Melle’s photographic interest in the Bavarian landscape was awakened by the ever-changing seasons. In musical terms he simply could not banish the sounds of the Baroque composer’s masterpiece. These musical pictures were soon rendered visually by stunning images of the Bavarian lifestyle in general, the landscape itself, the weather, and the people as they lived in harmony with nature. The images are full of grandeur, and it is clear that Melle has managed to shed new light on Vivaldi’s aural impressions of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Now it is the audience’s turn to start out on a new journey of the senses.

“Harmonious mix of image art with sound art” (Abendzeitung München)

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