Symphony in Images

Photography and music.
Music interpreted photographically.
Photography experienced through music.

Listen with your eyes!

A Symphony in Images? What can that be? Technically speaking it is a concert where big projections onto a screen behind the orchestra are coordinated, live and by hand, to the music, with cross-fades or hard cuts. But the event itself? There is a lot more to it.
A Symphony in Images creates a stunning atmosphere. All our senses are active, sounds reach our ears, our eyes take in impressive photographs. They complement the performance of the work – the music we hear gets enriched, the associations get propelled into new realms, the pleasure of music is intensified.
Tobias arranges the rhythm of the screen changes according to musical motifs and harmonic developments. The audience doesn’t need to know the symphonic structure but is supported to enjoy it by the choice of images.
And this is the key to the stunning success of Symphony in Images: it makes symphonic music accessible to people who would otherwise not be attracted to come to an orchestral concert. Symphony in Images draws a different and much larger crowd than just the usual flock of classical specialists, thus widening the orchestra‘s impact dramatically. Huge audiences have already gladly taken up the invitation to this very special journey.

„Tobias Melle’s images turn the music into
a window to the world.”
Edgar Reitz

Demo Symphony in Images