Born 1966 in Frankfurt, lives in Munich since 1972

1978 First steps with a camera

1980 First cello-lessons

1984 – 1996 constant member of the Munich Youth Orchestra, and then of the Young Munich Philharmonic

1988 Foundation of the Cello Mafia

1992 – 1995 Cellist and composer for the American Drama Group Europe

1994 First Symphony in Images: Dvorak’s Symphony From the New World

1995 Work on the multimedia projekt Mars Requiem by Helga Pogatschar

1997 Scottish Symphony in Images

1999 Cello Mafia: Psycho

2000 The Four Seasons in Images shown at the Expo

2003 An Alpine Symphony in Images including launch on DVD

2004 Cello Mafia: You Don’t Know What We’re Up To (director: Dominik Wilgenbus)

2005 Publication of the illustrated book Symphony in Images

2006 Tchaikovskys 5th Symphony in Images from Russia; holder of Pasing Award for Arts and Culture

2008 USA-Premiere Alpine Symphony in Images

2009 Chili con Cello: Hot and Spicy

2011 The Great Cello Mafia Radioshow (director: Dominik Wilgenbus)

2012 Beethovens Symphony No. 9 in Images

2016 Scheherazade in 1001 Images

2016 commissioned work for the Otto-Pankok-Foundation: The Arabian Passion in Images

2020 Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony in Images